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  • Social Commerce
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  • Website Design & Build

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About Us

New Websites | Website Upgrades | Branding & Design | Social Media Marketing | eCommerce | Hosting | Domains

Need help with your online business? JAR Digital is for you. The team has designed online solutions for hundreds of businesses. We’re experienced in helping businesses get their first website, refresh, upgrade or expand their existing websites, through to designing fully customised options.

Our expertise in both digital marketing and small business is our trademark. Ensuring your website both looks and performs well is important to us.

Website Traffic

Are you struggling to attract traffic to your website? Not surprising if you are, the image is the result of a simple marketing strategy we put in place for a client just like you.Impressive going from 20 to 180 in one day.

  • Want to grow traffic to your website?
  • Not sure how to do that!
  • Want a strategy explained simply to you?


Social Media

Are you uncertain as to what social media platform that is right for your business? You can waste a lot of time, money and effort using the wrong one.Let us help you work out and set up the most appropriate social media for your business

  • Do you need Facebook?
  • How will Instagram work for you?
  • Do you have a good social media strategy

Our team is ready and waiting to help you work out and setup what social media is best for your business. Contact us today!


Do you have or are you looking to build or upgrade your website? Over the years we have built hundreds of websites for a range of businesses.We’d like to help you build or upgrade your website. We also provide a range of associated services

  • Need a new website?
  • Want to upgrade your website?
  • Would you like to build your own website?

We offer a range of website build options including building your own if you’re on a budget. Contact us today

Hosting & Emails

Want a great email business solution or website hosting? We work with our clients to provide them with a solution that is right for them. Consult with us today and let us help you work out the solution that is right for you.

  • Want the best email solution for your business?
  • Want a state of the art hosting server?
  • Want 99.0% up-time?

So contact us today, and let us help you and your business streamline your systems.


“Jamie and his team are great. I’ve known and worked with Jamie on business projects over the past few years. I recommend JAR Digital to you..”
-Brandon Burns: Entrepreneur | TV Presenter | Head of Community at Runway HQ
“JAR Digital built our amazing dance website. Jamie and his team worked methodically with us to create what we think is one of the best dance websites. We recommend that you use them for your next online project.”

-Anne Staples: Owner of Martins Dancewear

“Having someone who understands our online business is important to us. Jamie is and has helped us with our on-line farming store. JAR Digital, understand all the jargon, but explain it to us in normal language, no bull”
-Wayne & Leah: Owners of Whistlers Farm Supplies
“I design and build furniture and these guys nailed the design brief perfectly.”

-Damian: Director Drexel Design

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